Non-Executive Directors

Companies of all sizes benefit from having a Non-Executive Director.


By appointing someone to the senior team on a part time basis, organisations gain experience, intelligent advice and a high calibre coach for the Company Board, Chairman or management.

Their greatest benefit is their ability to offer advice from the perspective of somebody not absorbed in the day-to-day details of business.

Are you in need of a fresh, expert opinion as your company aims to align its business strategy with its goals?

The view of an outsider looking in, along side the Non Executive Director’s own personal skills, business experience and industry contacts is incredibly useful for any business.

Executive Headhunters has a thriving Non-Executive Director Practice, helping businesses of all sizes appoint high calibre NEDs to their boards.

Please contact us on 020 7160 6996 if you are looking to appoint a Non-executive director or if you are a current non-exec and would like to join our register.

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If you find yourself needing to appoint the very best candidate possible for your role and organisation as a whole, we recommend you contact Executive Headhunters and seek our free, professional advice on the options available to you.

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