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We start with you, what you need and our pure headhunting know-how… not a constantly recycled and tired candidate pool that traditional recruitment companies use.

Here at Executive Headhunters we understand how frustrating it is not being able to find the right person for your business … and the thousands and thousands of pounds in lost opportunity this represents.

We also recognize that you may be feeling unsure about using a headhunting service or you may even be a little bruised from a past recruitment company experience. But, don’t worry most companies do too!

That’s why we created Executive Headhunters; a headhunting service that is entirely designed around you and the type of candidate you want to recruit. By creating a purpose built recruitment solution this ensures our clients avoid the pitfalls inherent in traditional and specialist sector recruitment companies.

We’ve carefully blended our years of headhunting know-how into a winning ten-point phase process. When you combine this proven process with our headhunting skills and commercial acumen, you can be rest assured that this means we will recruit the very best possible candidate for you, whatever your industry sector.

Please let us explain why companies choose us to find their outstanding recruits.

We create a bespoke solution providing you with optimum choice and no exclusions.

We build a target list unique to you and never try to shoe-horn you into accepting a candidate that we already have on our books.

We can approach ANY potential candidate as we are not limited from targeting people in certain companies by ‘lock-out agreements’ and ‘no-approach clauses’.

We are fully transparent throughout the process giving you 24/7 access to your own password protected client dashboard. This means you can check how well we are progressing with your assignment through each step of our acclaimed ten-stage process.

We guarantee the confidentiality and discretion you specify in order to protect your brand.

We recruit from a unique list of targets agreed upon with you, meaning that you never receive a tired, merry-go-round list of candidates that has been recycled from a specific sector.

If you would like to work with a senior-level recruitment company that starts with YOUR needs, please contact Executive Headhunters today on 020 7160 6996 or email us at clientservices@executive-headhunters.co.uk

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For more information on our services including a detailed overview of our unique ten-point Headhunting strategy, visit our safe and secure download portal.

We’ve also created useful tips for hiring managers and an infographic which breaks down our service and fee structure.

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If you find yourself needing to appoint the very best candidate possible for your role and organisation as a whole, we recommend you contact Executive Headhunters and seek our free, professional advice on the options available to you.

Speak to one of our dedicated consultants today on 020 7160 6996 or email us at clientservices@executive-headhunters.co.uk and we will respond promptly.

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